Top 10 Home Maintenance Tips

5 years ago

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  1. WATER HEATER: At least once per year, drain the water from your water heater to remove sediment that has built up over time.  This will improve efficiency and extend the life of this vital appliance.
  2. TOILET: If your toilet is leaking from the tank to the bowl, one of two things could be happening: the flapper inside the tank might need replacing OR the bolts from the tank to the bowl could need tightening.  Just be careful when tightening these bolts that you don't tighten too far and crack the porcelain. To see if there's a leak, add red food coloring to the tank water and leave for an hour.  If the bowl water is pink when you come back, you have a leak.
  3. WASHING MACHINE & DRYER: Inspect washing machine water supply lines frequently and replace them as needed.  Make sure that you regularly clean your dryer lint screen after each load and vacuum the dryer duct frequently in order to prevent fires.
  4. PLUMBING: Never pour fats/oils down the drain.  Turn on the hot water if you accidentally do.  Install a hair strainer in the shower & clean after each use.  Use a drain snake and do not use the chemicals that may cause pipe damage.
  5. AIR CONDITIONER:  Keep the air conditioner fan and unit free from debris to keep air flowing easily.  Regularly inspect the condensation hose for free water flow from the line.  The ground may shift, so make sure it stays level.  Be careful not to freeze up your air conditioner by having it set for too low of temperatures when it's hot outside.
  6. AIR FILTER: Change the air filter in your central heat and air unit often, typically every 90 days, and have an annual system checkup by a professional.
  7. REFRIGERATOR: Keeping your door seals tight will reduce the amount of energy it takes to keep your food cool or frozen.  Clean or replace seals if they have lost their suction.  Also, keeping your fridge full uses less energy than when it is empty.
  8. PAINT: Give your house a facelift by repainting the interior in an efficient and economical way.  Strategically touch up your paint job every so often with extra paint or color match.
  9. GUTTERS: Don't forget to clean out your gutters at least once a year to remove debris and allow optimum rain water displacement.  Also, check downspouts and pipes for debris that needs to be removed.
  10. ROOF: Periodically check your roof for damage.  Damaged, discolored, or gravel-less shingles should be replaced.  Stay off your roof as much as possible to avoid shingle and structural damage and leaks.
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